Door Furniture In Keeping With Log Cabins

Owning and living in a cabin style home is a privilege that promises tranquility and beautiful surroundings. Indeed, there are a host of external door furniture ideas that homeowners can adopt to make their doorways truly stand out. Give your doorway a makeover worthy of a home magazine by incorporating the cabin style rustic door designs.

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Door accessories for cabin style homes

Cabin house plans are renowned for their varied styles and configurations, from contemporary cottages to Swiss-inspired chalet style homes. Cabin style houses also offer a broad range of customization options when it comes to door accessories and interior d├ęcor. Accentuate your house by adopting rustic cabin barn doors, industrial design furniture barn doors made from the finest exotic hardwoods in existence. You can opt for the push and pull or the sliding door design.

How to fit log cabin doors

Naturally, standard doors and windows are designed in a manner that they open outwards for security reasons and to ensure they are watertight. A popular way of fitting cabin doors and windows is to build them into the existing walls. First, you need to measure and cut two boards to ensure they are not less than 6 feet 5 inches. These boards will act as the vertical frames for your door.

You also need to measure and cut another set of boards that are at least 2 feet 11 and a half inches, these will attach to the vertical frames on each side of the door. Next, you need to align the horizontal boards to the vertical boards to form the outside frame of your rustic or industrial cabin barn door. Next, you need to install the door pranks by screwing them to the frames as you square the edges. Your door is finally ready to be hung.

Tools needed

For the fitting exercise, you will need the following tools; measuring tapes, factory cut timber, a saw for trimming the timber, a screw gun and galvanized wood screws.

Log cabin maintenance

If you are fortunate enough to own a log cabin home, then you need to regularly repair its doors and windows to ensure they are in excellent condition. Regular maintenance reduces damage from insects, water, and air infiltration. Regular cleaning, dusting, and fumigation will help keep bugs and pests at bay. Other forms of regular maintenance include chinking to seal any vulnerable joints, staining to reduce damage from sunlight exposure and regular washing with bleach and detergent to remove dirt.