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Suwannee River's Craftsman Style Home is a balanced mixture of Log and Timber Frame construction.

The Craftsman Style Home offers exposed timber cathedral ceilings to help provide you with an open feeling. The roof system and supports on the interior of the home is a post and beam system which will provide unique features not found on other types of homes. The walls are designed to be 10 feet tall to allow for extra ceiling height.

On the exterior, we offer western red cedar wall coverings to offer a new and exciting look for your new home. The Craftsman Style Timber Frame will give you the versatility you are looking for by allowing you to apply your taste to your home, both interior and exterior. You will be able to use your thoughts and dreams to choose items that are pleasing to you - this alone will distinguish your home from the rest! Suwannee River Log Homes is an architectural custom design company that can design any home to meet your needs.

Your new home could be based on one of our plans , based on your plans, or designed from scratch to your specifications! By working together, we can create an ideal place for vacation, to raise your family, and to create priceless memories. The Craftsman Timber Frame Package includes...

First Floor System
Termite Shield
Pressure Treated Sill Plate
Double 2x Box Band

Wall System
Exterior siding (Western Red Cedar)
10' wall height
2x6 exterior framing
Vapor barrier
1/2" plywood backing

Interior Stairs
(2 story only)
4x12 stringers
4x12 treads
Hand rails

Roof System
Ridge beams
4x10 rafters (48" o.c.)
Collar ties
King posts
1x6 tongue & groove ceiling decking
2x6 Purlins
4" ISO
5/8" plywood sheathing
30 lb. felt

Gable Ends
Exterior Siding (Western Red Cedar)
2x6 framing
Vapor barrier
1/2" plywood backing

Exterior Siding (Western Red Cedar)
2x6 framing
Vapor barrier
1/2" plywood backing

Second Floor System
(2 Story Plans)
4x10 floor joists (32" o.c.)
2x6 tongue & groove decking
Center beams
Support posts
Aluminum clad exterior
Stain Grade Wood interior
Insulated glass
Double hung
Tilt sashes
Low E-value
Argon gas filled

Exterior Doors
Wood stain grade
Insulated glass

Porch System
6x6 Porch posts
6x8 Porch headers
4x6 Porch rafters
2x4 Hand rails and pickets
2x6 tongue and groove
30 lb. felt
Termite Shield
Pressure Treated sill plate
Pressure Treated box band
Pressure Treated girders
Pressure Treated floor joists
Pressure Treated decking

Finished Roofing
35- Year architectural shingle

Architectural Blueprints

Custom Design Prelims

Interior Framing

Nationwide Delivery

Exterior Trim
1x6 windows and doors
1x12 for box band
1x6 roof fascia

Exterior Stain

The materials lists above represents the package available at the time of this posting. To get pricing on any package, please refer to the price sheet available from any Suwannee River Log Homes representative. If there is an item that is not included in the following lists, then that item is not included in the price. If you would like any particular items added to your materials package, please consult your Suwannee River Log Homes consultant. If you have a floor plan you would like to use, please call for a FREE ESTIMATE. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your home plans in further detail, one of our home consultants would be more than happy to schedule an appointment with you!

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