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Suwannee River Log Homes offers 17 different log styles and profiles using center cut cypress. For over two decades we have designed and provided the materials for over 2800 homes nationwide. Not only do we supply the materials, we also offer construction services to better assist you in building your new dream home!

DID YOU KNOW - The oldest log structure in the United States is over 400 years old?

It's made from Cypress, which possesses qualities that no other wood species can compare to, and can survive extreme circumstances! Cypress has a natural oil preservative, cypresseine, which protects the wood from insects and decay.

Cypress is a very dense wood, with growth rings very close together, and much smaller air pockets in the wood itself, which allows less moisture absorption and less shrinkage.

Cypress is a great insulator, making it energy-efficient and ideal for building purposes.

The Cypress tree's great qualities are what give the tree it's durability and longevity. These same qualities are why we use cypress to build log homes!

You will find that Cypress has many uses, all of which benefit you!

  • D-Log
  • Mountain Style
  • Swedish Cope

  • Round-Round
  • Square V-Groove

  • Dovetail Corner
  • Saddlenotch Corner

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