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Things to Consider When building your Log or Timber Frame Home

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These ideas are here to help you. Take them and run with them! Design the home of your dreams! Suwannee River Log Home design and building professionals are ready and eager to help you at any stage of development, and can transform your drawings into architectural blueprints!

  1. YOUR FLOOR PLAN should make it easy and comfortable to go through the motions of daily living. It should also create natural and complementary relations between rooms.
  2. YOUR MAIN ENTRY should allow you to enter any room in the house without passing through other rooms.
  3. OUR SECOND ENTRY should lead directly to the kitchen.
  4. THE BEST FLOOR PLANS show respect for a household's basic activities - working, eating, sleeping and entertaining.
  5. IDEALLY, the areas that are the noisiest, such as entertainment areas, are grouped together and well away from the sleeping areas.
  6. WHERE POSSIBLE, each bedroom should be buffered from other bedrooms for the sake of privacy. Closets, bookshelves and staircases are effective sound barriers.

The Kitchen
  1. THE KITCHEN is the heart of most homes - a place to entertain friends, a focal point for family moments and memories, a spot where you can settle in for a great meal and a good conversation.
  2. THE CLASSIC RULE for kitchen efficiency is worth remembering: Locate sink, cook top and refrigerator in a triangle pattern whose sides total less than 22 feet.
  3. INCLUDE PLENTY of counter and storage space on either side of sink and cooktop.
  4. GOOD LIGHTING makes a world of difference. Natural light dramatically increases a kitchen's appeal and sense of connection to the rest of the home.
  5. GIVE YOURSELF at least 10 feet of counter top space, not counting appliances.
  6. CONSIDER THE CONVENIENCE of a walk-in pantry.

The Bathroom
  1. PLAN FOR PLENTY of storage for grooming accessories, towels and bath supplies.
  2. BE LAVISH with windows to maximize the sense of space and natural light.
  3. USE MIRRORS to expand small spaces.
  4. MAKE THE BATH more convenient for two by adding privacy walls or doors between fixtures.

The Master Bedroom
  1. LOCATE YOUR MASTER BEDROOM to be able to take advantage of natural light and a breath-taking view.
  2. CHOOSE WINDOW COVERINGS that allow you to shut out light.
  3. TAKE ADVANTAGE of space by adding a window seat or reading area by a window.
  4. DESIGN YOUR MASTER BEDROOM to accommodate a walk-in closet.

The Windows
  1. DESIGNING WITH WINDOWS is a balancing act of light, view, privacy, ventilation, energy efficiency and aesthetics.
  2. DECIDING WHERE you want your view, privacy and ventilation is important as well.
  3. THE MOST APPEALING rooms have windows on two walls.
  4. THINK ABOUT the visual impact of each window on both the interior and exterior, and stay true to a pattern of window style and placement that feels balanced.

We hope these ideas will help you design the home of your dreams! Keep in mind that this is YOUR home, and you may veer off from our ideas as much as you wish. We will be more than happy to help you accomplish your goals and see you through the process to completion.

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