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Suwannee River Construction Company is the preferred builder of Suwannee River Log Homes Inc. The two companies combined will provide you with a service no other log home company in the South East of the United States can provide:
A company that can provide the materials and build your home as well.

This will essentially make your experience building a luxury log or craftsman timber home a enjoyable one. Our goal is hassle free construction.

Why Choose Suwannee River Construction Company?

  • Over 60 years Experience
  • Licensed Contractors in 10 Southern States
  • Licensed-Insured-Bonded
  • We provide the forklift
  • We provide the crane
  • On site inspections by your personal SRCC Project Manager
  • Professionally trained crew

The SRCC Advantage!

  • You will be assigned a personal project manager
  • SRCC is tied to Suwannee River Log Homes, which means no materials shortages
  • SRCC offers a maintenance plan for your new log home that can carry out for 10 years. Hassle Free for you!
  • SRCC will be around to assist you in home for many years down the road.


  • Dry In Construction:

    A lot of home owners in the log and timber home industry like to manage their own projects. They fear the actual construction of the log or timber home, so they may select SRCC to dry in their home. This will take your home from the sub-floor to the felt paper of the roof.

  • Construction Management:

    In some cases the home owner do not have a lot of time to build their own home, or they live to far away from their new home site. SRCC will take the entire home from start to finish leaving you with nothing to do except to enjoy your new home.

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You can start with one of our plans, your own plans-or we can help custom design YOUR home from scratch!

  • PACKAGES The Suwannee Homestead Package The Suwannee Deluxe Package The Suwannee Elite Package The Suwannee Elite Package
    Over 60 years Experience Licensed Contractors in 10 Southern States We provide the forklift We provide the crane

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